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Real Estate Forms

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  • Seller Proceeds Form

If you are purchasing real estate and wish for us to assist you with your closing, please call us at (828) 254-6200.

We will need a copy of your contract and the contact information of your lender if you will be obtaining a loan to purchase the property.

We will conduct a title examination of the property and obtain a title insurance policy for you.

You will want to select an insurance company for your homeowner’s or hazard insurance policy and provide us with this contact information as soon as possible, before your closing.

You will also want to obtain an inspection of the property as soon as you enter into a contact and review the results of the report before the end of your due diligence period.

Once you know the amount you will need to bring to closing, these funds will need to be wired to our trust account. Please call us for wiring instructions. If you receive our wiring instructions by email, please call us to confirm the instructions for security purposes.

Please bring your driver’s license or a valid government issued photo identification to closing.

Never email your social security number. If this information is needed, please call the requesting party.